About Us

Redstone Custom Door is a quality manufacturer of wood sliding and folding exterior doors. By using a combination of old-world hand craftsmanship and modern material engineering we create products that offer superior aesthetics with outstanding functionality. The use of computer controlled machinery, and technologically advanced materials give you both the performance and durability you demand. Each door is manually assembled and each surface is hand detailed by professional craftsmen, resulting in a finely crafted architectural product that you will be proud to incorporate into your home.

Custom Capabilities

Our design team uses state of the art 3D design software to ensure that your custom door is the best design solution for its intended location. Each door is specially designed allowing for input from your architect and design team, and it provides quality drawings for the contractor and installer. There is no door design challenge that we will not consider.
Please check out our specifications and you will find some of the best materials and finishes available. Virtually any combination of door configuration, wood species, size, glazing and exterior finish is available. Contact us directly or ask your nearest dealer for a detailed quote.